In this series we talk about how we categorize buildings based on purpose, work examples, and look at the downstream code implications for those decisions. What's the difference between use and occupancy? How do we approach mixed-occupancy buildings? We cover this and more in this series.

Our objectives include:

  1. Understand the difference between use and occupancy.
  2. Be able to assign an occupancy to a building.
  3. Understand the implications of each of the three different mixed-occupancy building designations.

LS101 - 2024 - 1.5 HOUR



Chris Campbell, PE

Principal & Founder at Campbell Code Consulting | Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Chris Campbell is a Fire Protection Engineer and Code Consultant based in Washington DC. Holding both a BS and MS in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland, Chris has carved a significant career in the fire protection industry. He is the Founder and Principal of Campbell Code Consulting, providing design and code consulting solutions. Concurrently, he is an Adjunct Lecturer at his alma mater, co-teaching an Advanced Life Safety course. His prior roles include a Senior Fire Engineer at Arup and Fire Protection Engineer at GHD. Chris is registered as a fire protection engineer in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and California.