In this series, we will cover project site visits from two perspectives; first, from the perspective of an Authority Having Jurisdiction (fire service), and second, from the perspective of an insurer. We'll explore different topics related to site visits. Everyone (not just inspectors or insurers) can benefit from the tips shared herein. Our learning objectives include:

  1. Understand the goals of an onsite inspection.
  2. Understand what information is collected and necessary for site visits.
  3. Understand helpful perspectives and tips surrounding inspections from a AHJ and Insurer perspective.

FX103 - 2021 - 1.5 HOURS



Aaron Johnson, CFI-FTER, CFEI

Chief Fire Strategist at Aaron Johnson, LLC | Palm City, Florida, USA
Aaron has more than fifteen years of fire protection, life safety, and code compliance experience. He started his career in the fire service, moving his way through the ranks to Fire Marshal. Aaron holds multiple fire service certifications and is actively involved in multiple codes and standards making organizations. Aaron is currently a freelance fire protection consultant focusing on innovative fire protection for emerging technologies. He is a prolific writer having authored more than 500 industry-related articles, white papers, and blog posts. Aaron lives in South Florida with his wife and four kids.

Franck Orset

Senior Loss Prevention Engineer at Emani | Greater Nice Metropolitan Area, France
Franck is a fire loss prevention engineer working in the insurance business. After 15 years within a conventional international insurance company based in France visiting industrial facilities – mostly in Europe – to perform technical risk assessments as support to underwriting and claims adjustment departments, as well as technical support to insured clients, Franck joined a mutual organization for nuclear facilities in 2010. He now performs loss prevention visits worldwide for fire prevention, fire protection and natural hazards evaluations and provide technical support in nuclear power plants, research centers, waste management facilities, nuclear fuel manufacturing facilities, etc. Since 2018, Franck is also a Member of the NFPA Technical Committee “Fire Protection for Nuclear Facilities (FIF-AAA) – NFPA standards 801, 804, 805 and 806. With a background of Chemical Engineer, he was trained as a fire loss prevention engineer in the USA by Kemper International in Long Grove in the mid-90’s.