In this series, we'll introduce concepts around construction plans. What does a set of plans include? Why create them? What are the different types of submittals? What makes a quality set of plans? We cover this and more in this 1-hour, 7-part series.

Our objectives include:

  1. Be introduced to different components that make up a set of construction documents.
  2. Understand the purpose for creating construction documents.
  3. Understand what makes an effective (quality) set of construction documents.

DX101 - 2023 - 1.0 HOUR



Joe Meyer, PE

Owner / Fire Protection Engineer at MeyerFire | St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Joe Meyer, PE is a St. Louis-based Fire Protection Engineer and creator of MeyerFire, an online resource platform for professionals in the fire protection industry. Passionate about the field, Joe is committed to creating impactful resources to help grow and improve the practice of fire protection engineering.

Joe's engineering journey started at the University of Kansas and continued at the University of Maryland. Before founding MeyerFire, he led a fire protection group in St. Louis and worked for a large MEP group in Kansas City. Joe is also an avid illustrator and ran an online art shop from 2012 to 2020.

Today, Joe is the creative lead for MeyerFire among other roles. He has authored the leading prep guide for the Fire Protection PE Exam, contributed to NFSA’s Layout Book, compiled the NFSA Expert of the Day volumes, has served as a Chapter President in SFPE, and lectured at the university level.

Joe is driven to make the world a little better each day by working to provide industry professionals (engineers, contractors, architects, and building owners) with the resources they need to create a more firesafe world.

Al Yakel, SET, CFPS

CEO/President at Collings & Associates, LLC | Ventura, California, USA
Mr. Yakel is President of Collings & Associates, a Fire Protection Engineering Consulting Firm located in Ventura, California. Mr. Yakel holds degrees in Fire Science Technology, Business Management, and is a graduate of the Firefighter 1 Academy. In addition, he is an ICC Certified Building Inspector and Plans Examiner, NICET Certified (#142617) Fire Alarm Systems Level IV, and holds California State Fire Marshal certifications. Mr. Yakel has over twenty eight years of experience in the fire protection industry. He lives in Ventura with his wife of 30 years and is the father of four adult children.

Chris Logan, CFPS, RSE

Designer & Sprinkler Fitter at Wallace-Kent Sprinkler Systems | Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Chris Logan is a fire protection specialist and third-generation sprinkler fitter. He has been a Sprinkler Designer & Sprinkler Fitter at Wallace-Kent Sprinkler Systems since 2014, overseeing the installation of fire suppression systems.

Since 2007, Chris has been a dedicated Fire Sprinkler Fitter, installing various fire suppression systems. He hosts The Fire Sprinkler Podcast, which aims to educate a broader audience about fire safety. Chris also contributed to the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association's Technical Committee from 2015 to 2018. With a deep-rooted passion for his field, Chris looks forward to continuing his family legacy and shaping the future of fire protection.